Social Injustice


Staff Writer

What is Social Injustice? Social injustice is the unfair treatment of people, where their rights are disregarded.

Social Injustice is not just about racism; it is poverty, slavery, starvation, gender inequality, abuse, and war (just to name a few). Many people have the common misconception that slavery has diminished everywhere. Well, newsflash, it has not. It is growing beyond what society thought is even possible. Researchers estimate anywhere between 21 to 31 million victims from all over the world. They are forced to work harsh manual labor such as mining, or moving ten bricks at a time to a place that is miles away. In India, there are enslaved people who are forced to dye clothing products and their hands become permanently red, blue, black, or silver. In South Africa, children who have no idea how to swim are forced to collect fish for around seventeen hours, and during those hours are terrified that the boat will tip over and they will die. Some of the children even mentioned that they have seen their own friends die from drowning.

These children, these teenagers, these adults should not be slaves. There are reasons for laws, but some people just simply disregard these laws. These people need to be stopped, these people need to be freed, these people need to see the hope in us. As a nation, we should be more aware of what is happening in our world rather than just sitting and going on Twitter or Instagram, we need to bring awareness and fight for those who either do not know how to fight back or simply cannot fight back. So get up and do something with your life.

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