Coachella: Weekend 2


Staff Writer

The weekend of April 22 to  April 24, the most talked about music and art festiva,l took place at its regular location of Indio, California. It was filled with fabulous stars including Alessia Cara, Halsey, LCD Soundsystem, Guns N’ Roses, ACDC, Drake, and so much more. The diversity of artists at the festival allowed people of all ages to gather and enjoy their love of music; as well as food! The variety of food included fried tofu balls, ramen noodles, ceviche, Korean chicken wings, roasted rack of lamb, and other small items such as salad, ice cream, and, the hipster favorite, giant slices of watermelon perfect for posting on social media. The weather was not forgiving at all to the partygoers of Coachella. At the desert, it was reaching high 90s during the day and high 80s during the night. The weather only started to calm down as the weekend was over. The crowd of people were sure to be burning up as they were squeezed into giant crowds to watch their favorite artist. The festival did provide cool off stations that contained mister rooms for people to walk in and get a cool relief. The venue caterers also made sure to have refreshing drinks like lemonade, plenty of ice water, and for those over 21 there was no end to the creative alcoholic drinks to keep you up and refreshed. For those also over the age of 20 had their own private camping areas so that the venue can somewhat control underage drinking on their watch. Coachella did provide camping stations for those who wanted to pay to be closer to the gates. Everyone else who didn’t mind arriving a little later to an all day and night festival were able to stay in nearby hotels that provided shuttle services. All in all the experience of a very popular festival is worth the ridiculous amount of money needed to spend to attend, eat, drink, and sleep. The art is also a great plus for it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the sight of the venue.

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