Staff Writer

Even though celebrities are awesome, people still have to remember they are normal people just like us. So celebrities deserve their space just like the rest of us. That does not mean celebrities have permission to treat normal people badly because we are not like them. All we want is a hug from them and a picture. They would not be famous if they did not have all of their fans/supporters. But, they do not have to push us away. At the same time, people should not be getting in their personal space. If we pay to go to a concert and we also pay to have a meet and greet, they should not get frustrated at people who are wanting to take a picture with them because we paid to get a picture. Celebrities have a lot of fans and money. However, celebrities most of the time want to be just like everybody else, but they cannot because everybody treats them like “God-like” figures (Paparazzi, body guards, etc.) Normal people work harder than celebrities, so why are celebrities getting paid more? If anything, doctors should be getting paid more than celebrities. Doctors save lives and celebrities do not, yet they get paid more. Also, celebrities get away with more crime than normal people. If a celebrity goes to a store and steals something, nobody would do anything about it. But if it were a regular person who stole the same thing, they would get into huge trouble. Proving, celebrities get special treatment. All in all, celebrities should be treated like everybody else.

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