What is Life After High School?


Staff Writer

With the year drawing to an end, some of us may be moving up in the high school food chain, freshmen to sophomore, junior to senior, etc. Our beloved seniors have to deal with this new thing called “adulthood”. Many of our senior class is going to college or getting jobs to start off their new scary, but exciting and independent chapters in their lives, leaving us with the question, what is life after high school? Depending on the person, life after high school could be a variety of things, from mooching off your parents till they are 30, to traveling the world while living out of a suitcase. So life after high school, in a nutshell, is like a roller coaster, waiting in line and getting seated in the roller coaster. Before the ride starts it is gut wrenching and makes you want to soil your pants a bit, and as you get pushed into that first big drop the anxiety seems to just keep getting worse, but once you get past that first big drop and the ride goes along, you start to enjoy yourself regardless of the ups and down and the occasional unexpected turn. In the end it is all a part of the ride and by the end of it when you are getting off the ride you were glad you went through the whole thing with your friends and loved ones. So for our next year’s seniors, and every other grade in El Diamante that are bound to be seniors in the future, have that wild mix of emotions to look forward to in the future. For our current seniors, though, let’s not forget to wish them luck as they prepare to take the world head on trying to accomplish whatever goal or goals they set for themselves, whether that be going to college, land a decent job, travel the world, etc.

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