The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale


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This past Sunday on the fourth, The Walking Dead aired its season six finale. This episode introduced one of the comics most terrifying villains, and left all of their fans with probably the biggest cliffhanger of The Walking Dead in its entire series. This cliffhanger left many fans angered. The name of the episode, Last Day On Earth, was directed by the greatest director who has done many death episodes of the series, Greg Nicotero. He has continued to do an amazing job in directing this episode. However, beware of spoilers below! If you have yet to watch the episode, do not read ahead. Let’s start.

In the beginning of the episode, Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, and Carl take Maggie to the Hill Top doctor, to see if the baby in Maggie is okay. At the end of the episode 15, Maggie began to have complications with her baby. With that, people assumed that she had lost the baby. As the the group loads up the RV, Father Gabriel talks to Rick. He asks Rick if he is comfortable with leaving him in charge of Alexandria and that his first priority Judith, Rick’s daughter. Then, they leave for Hill Top.

The show then flashes back and forth to Morgan, and his search for Carol. He ends up finding her at the front door, huddled up, at an abandoned library. Morgan then takes her inside to patch up a wound she has. After he patches her up, she points a gun at Morgan, and asks to him to leave. He refuses to leave her behind, then walks outside to take watch. He later goes back inside, where Carol has left once again. Morgan sets off again to try and find Carol.

The episode then switches back to Rick and the others in the RV. Throughout most of the episode, they go to many routes where they’re guarded by the Saviors. With all of the routes blocked, Rick and the group are stuck and do not know what to do.

We then see the injured Carol walking. She ends up getting attacked by the Savior that was following her. He has her at gunpoint and says he wants her to suffer. He shoots her twice in the arm, as she lays on the ground laughing. She wants the Savior to kill her, and as he walks away he turns around and as he’s about to kill her, Morgan finds them and points a gun at the Savior. Morgan ends up killing him to save Carol. Two men then find them both and take them to get patched up.

In the last moments of the show, Eugene is used as bait and is the only one left to drive the RV where he gets ends up getting caught by the Saviors. Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron,and Carl end up walking on foot to Hill Top, where all of them get caught by the Saviors. They get lined up and being put on their knees; Daryl, Glenn, MIchonne, Rosita, and Eugene are added to the line as well. We then see Negan, leader of the Saviors, come out of an RV. He introduces himself and talks about how the Alexandrians will work for him. However, since Rick and the group killed many of Negans men, he says one of them will have to pay. The episode begins to end with Negan saying Eenie, meenie, Miney, Mo, to the group on who he is going to kill. He ends up killing an unknown character, with hearing screams coming in the background.

The episode ends with this dumb cliffhanger that angers many. The fans will never know which character died until episode one of Season seven.


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