What is the Drought doing to California’s Wildlife?


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California’s drought has been commencing for the past three years, and over those years our wildlife has been diminishing. Our lakes and rivers are depleting to almost nothing, and it seems like the only people who care are the citizens living in the Central Valley and those in government offices, such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. One of the things that is most irritating is the fact that the people living in big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco are doing absolutely nothing and are going on as if nothing is wrong. They complain when there is less fresh produce in the summer months and when the prices for the produce skyrocket. The reason for the fluctuation in the prices is simply because California is in a severe drought and at this point the only thing that could even come close to helping is an enormous rainstorm.

California’s Wildlife has not been able to reproduce because there is no food or water for the newborns (or the parents) to consume. One of the workers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Brian Beal, commented on his thoughts on the drought saying, “For amphibians like the California Red Legged frogs, the ponds can dry up before the frogs go through metamorphose from tads into adults. There are also lots of examples for fish habitats drying and preventing migrations.” Brian Beal is an Environmental Scientist working at the department as a senior environmental scientist supervisor in charge of the central region inland fisheries. Recently, Beal went on a backpacking trip with a crew of his and noted that since the rough fire in 2015, there has been a significant change. There are some wildflowers around Rough Creek that have bloomed. He also commented that the grass was over the entire crew’s head, blocking their vision at times. If the whole of California does not cut back their water and there is some miracle that commences, our wildlife will fall and diminish to nothingness.

12 Year Old Boy

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12 year old boy has been killed while visiting a waterfall in New York’s Adirondack Mountains by a falling boulder. State police say Monday March 14, that Connor McLaughlin, of Greenwich, New York, was with his uncle at the base of Roaring Brook Falls in Keene on Sunday afternoon when the boulder fell. Troopers say the uncle saw it coming and yelled a warning, but he slipped into the brook as the boulder hit the boy, crushing him against a tree. Rescuers attempted CPR, but the boy died at the scene. His uncle was treated for minor injuries sustained in the fall. Troopers say the boy had gone on an impromptu hike with his relative to look at the falls. Police say the boulder broke loose from near the top of the falls and fell about 100 feet before hitting the boy. This accident has caused devastation all around the world due to the death of the young 12 year old boy. This accident will cause people to be more aware of their surroundings when around nature.

Eighth Grade Tour

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On Thursday, March 3rd, the eighth graders from La Joya came to visit our High School campus to get a feel of what is going to be expected when they begin their first day of four years this fall. In this tour, Link Crew members gave them a tour around the campus showing them where we succeed. However, being a senior who has attended this high school for all four years, I think that you eighth graders should expect much more than what you witnessed through your tour. The eighth graders should expect an easy freshman year, except for the fact that they will be considered the “fresh meat” at this school. As time goes on they will realize that high school was never what it seems to be. I think that most of us believed that high school was going to be all fun and games, but I think for the most of us, we took for granted the time we had here. I remember my first day here; I brought all of my textbooks that day not knowing whether or not I was going to need them in each class, Now I am a senior and I am lucky if I remember to bring it for a certain period. The best advice I can give to freshmen is to have goals. Always. Even if they are always changing, have them and make sure you do everything in your power to fulfill them. Don’t settle. Go above and beyond to make it happen. Research all of the things you must do to fulfill your goals. Secondly, don’t wait until the last minute to get your work done. Procrastination is deadly and will have an everlasting effect on you. No matter how easy it is to say that you will “do it later”, the feeling after completing something is one hundred times better than not completing it. Lastly, categorize your school work/activities and social life into two separate categories. If you get these two mixed up you will find yourself in deep trouble. El Diamante invited the soon-to-be freshmen to take a look at their future high school. ASB set up balloons as well as providing water and snacks to the 8th graders to show that the school is welcoming the future kids of El Diamante.

13-Year Old Avoids Kidnapper


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On March seventh, a 13-year old girl in Pompano Beach in Florida saved her own life. Once she realized the van driving slowly behind her seemed suspicious, she simply screamed as loud as she could, and began running away. The press felt that this story should be publicized because something as simple as kicking, screaming, and running, can save a life. There are stories of people of all ages defending themselves in the easiest ways possible. An eight-year old girl once prevented herself from being kidnapped by biting her attacker. “The kicking, screaming, yelling, anything that she can do to draw attention to that situation so she can get away…this girl saved her own life,” said Callahan Walsh, a child advocate for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. These tips are the best things you can do to avoid an abduction. The hunt is on for authorities in Pompano Beach as they look for the suspect of the attempted kidnapping.



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It is good to be thankful for what you have in life and what you have accomplished on your birthday. On people’s special days, they get excited because all of the attention is on them. But, at the same time, some people do not like the attention they get on their birthdays. most of the time, people like the positive attention. When you wake up, people like to make themselves a fancy breakfast, or even go out to buy breakfast. Then, you go to work/school and get lots of birthday wishes from people who truly care about you. They have the option to bring you a present, or possibly even bring you a poster to make your birthday even better. Then, you get a special lunch.  After you get home, you get to celebrate with your family by having a special dinner, or just hanging out around them. If you do not prefer a lot of attention on your birthday, then you could just act like it is a normal day. There is no other better way to celebrate your birthday than to do an act of goodness. It is simple enough for somebody to say they are thankful; it is much better to show it by doing a kind deed, preferably something you did not do yesterday, not because someone is forcing you.  But simply because your inner goodness, your soul, wants to express its thanks for being born and alive. All in all, your birthday is supposed to be all about you living another year on this earth, and for being born at all. So, enjoy your special day.