Staff Writer

Senioritis can be defined as a “sickness” that hits high school seniors.

High school seniors try to work with a lot on their schedules. For example, they try to balance school work, extracurricular activities, a social life, college applications, and perhaps a part-time job. As time goes by, homework becomes less important to seniors. Spending time with friends becomes more of a priority. Once students receive acceptance letters from their college, they begin to think high school is less important.

The symptoms of senioritis include laziness, not dressing properly for school, lack of studying, and repeated absences.

Some students that turn eighteen during the school year think they can skip out on school whenever. Some even drop out of school several months before school even ends.

As the year goes by, teachers who have an all senior class begin to see the seniors lacking to pay attention in class. Teachers even say it is always second semester that is the worst semester for seniors.

You’ll often hear us seniors says “I’m so ready to graduate!” Or “Can I just graduate and leave this town already?”.

Senioritis comes around every year. Be prepared for it. Enjoy your senior year of high school, because trust me, it goes by super fast.


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