Lady Gaga


Staff Writer

Over the years Lady Gaga has been a big topic for some and she has been talked about a lot.  Many people used to make fun of her for her creative outfits she brought to awards or her music videos.  I think Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration to young people because she doesn’t mind making her own fashion statement.  As many of us are in highschool we face many challenges with people making fun of other people for what they are wearing or what they look like.  She could be someone’s role model  just because she doesn’t care what people say about her creative outfits.

Even as crazy as she may seem her music is really emotional. Like one of her most recent songs Till it happens to you  is about  how some people just can’t understand things until it actually happens to them. The song is really about how her and the writer have experienced

Rape. It also shows how Gaga is so into her music and also that she is a really great singer.  It also shows that many people are affected by campus sexual assault. No matter how you look there is still a chance of it happening to you. And that you really can’t say anything until it actually happens to you because then you will understand.  At the Oscars she also sang this song and had many victims of rape come out and help her perform.  It was a beautiful performance and it will be unforgettable.

I’m going to always believe that she is a very important and inspirational  human being.

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