Batman vs Superman


Staff Writer

Batman vs Superman has put the fans and the critics at war. While the critics think the movie didn’t come close to its full potential, the fans have a different opinion,giving the movie an 82% as an overall. There was a big argument to if Ben Affleck would play a good Batman,but this is something both the critics and the fans could agree on because he played the best batman they have ever seen,including me. He really gave a new meaning to the “Dark Knight.” Accompanied by other cast members that gave this movie the push it needed. The movie has already made 501.8 million,really putting the critics to shame, The long awaited story of the aftermath with the battle with Superman and the kryptonian general Zod, enraged with the destruction of the city. Batman wants to put an end to superman’s reign, and this.. is how the battle begins. In my personal opinion this movie couldn’t have been any better and the numbers show.           

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