What is the Drought doing to California’s Wildlife?


Staff Writer

California’s drought has been commencing for the past three years, and over those years our wildlife has been diminishing. Our lakes and rivers are depleting to almost nothing, and it seems like the only people who care are the citizens living in the Central Valley and those in government offices, such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. One of the things that is most irritating is the fact that the people living in big cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco are doing absolutely nothing and are going on as if nothing is wrong. They complain when there is less fresh produce in the summer months and when the prices for the produce skyrocket. The reason for the fluctuation in the prices is simply because California is in a severe drought and at this point the only thing that could even come close to helping is an enormous rainstorm.

California’s Wildlife has not been able to reproduce because there is no food or water for the newborns (or the parents) to consume. One of the workers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Brian Beal, commented on his thoughts on the drought saying, “For amphibians like the California Red Legged frogs, the ponds can dry up before the frogs go through metamorphose from tads into adults. There are also lots of examples for fish habitats drying and preventing migrations.” Brian Beal is an Environmental Scientist working at the department as a senior environmental scientist supervisor in charge of the central region inland fisheries. Recently, Beal went on a backpacking trip with a crew of his and noted that since the rough fire in 2015, there has been a significant change. There are some wildflowers around Rough Creek that have bloomed. He also commented that the grass was over the entire crew’s head, blocking their vision at times. If the whole of California does not cut back their water and there is some miracle that commences, our wildlife will fall and diminish to nothingness.

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