Spring Break


Staff Writer

Many people are always excited for this break. Spring break is a break given to students of various countries during March or so.  It has many names rather than just Spring break; some countries give them one through two weeks of break depending on where you are.  Many people also go to parties for a whole week and go to different countries to party there. There is even a website so that you can see where and when  there are parties and where to travel for them.

Spring break is also good so that the students get a little break from school. It helps them by letting stress go for a couple of days so that when they come back their minds will be nice and fresh  and great for them to get back into school without thinking about anything.

I think that it would be better if we got two weeks of because then it would definitely help us come with a fresher mind and actually be ready to come back to school. It would also  benefit the teachers by giving them a break from the students and letting them spend time with their family. It would also give them a chance to clear their heads from anything they were thinking of for their classes.

This year during spring break, Easter was in it and many people got to spend time with their families, which is great because a lot of them have either work or go to school. Spring break is great for a lot of people.

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