Enforcing Religion on Children


Staff Writer

A child’s mind is considered to be vulnerable and easily controllable, mostly because they have not built up their own opinions about a lot of situations going on around the world. Children do not care about politics or controversial topics because they are focused on “kid things” such as going outside to play, learning about the world, and making friends. However, because of this many parents and others will take advantage of the child’s mind by labeling them, especially in religion.

Labeling a child in a religion is taking away their right to make their own decisions and opinions for themselves. Religion is based upon opinionated ideals to others because it is all derived from faith, and there are so many religions. There is a major diversity of religion in the world with very different ideals on what to believe in and what to follow, which does not make it a fact because it is not fully proven to be true (major reason which is why it needs faith). It is not ok to force a child to believe in things that only you agree with because that child is their own person. Of course it is ok to let children participate in religious traditions, but it is not ok to force them to believe in your opinion.

How can we expect children to live for themselves when they are treated as an object for their parents and others to shape for themselves and not the child. It is very selfish to force that on a child because their minds are very vulnerable. Children are not just some inanimate object that can be pushed around and forced to believe in un-evidenced opinions about who they need to worship or not to worship. They need to know what is right and wrong according to factual reasonings before they walk down the road of religion on their own terms.

One thought on “Enforcing Religion on Children

  1. I happen to share your sentiments. A belief is sacred to the individual. It seems rather presumptive to make such an important choice for someone not yet able to fully comprehend what religion means. Faith should be chosen by the individual, when and if s/he is ready.

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