Eighth Grade Tour

Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 3rd, the eighth graders from La Joya came to visit our High School campus to get a feel of what is going to be expected when they begin their first day of four years this fall. In this tour, Link Crew members gave them a tour around the campus showing them where we succeed. However, being a senior who has attended this high school for all four years, I think that you eighth graders should expect much more than what you witnessed through your tour. The eighth graders should expect an easy freshman year, except for the fact that they will be considered the “fresh meat” at this school. As time goes on they will realize that high school was never what it seems to be. I think that most of us believed that high school was going to be all fun and games, but I think for the most of us, we took for granted the time we had here. I remember my first day here; I brought all of my textbooks that day not knowing whether or not I was going to need them in each class, Now I am a senior and I am lucky if I remember to bring it for a certain period. The best advice I can give to freshmen is to have goals. Always. Even if they are always changing, have them and make sure you do everything in your power to fulfill them. Don’t settle. Go above and beyond to make it happen. Research all of the things you must do to fulfill your goals. Secondly, don’t wait until the last minute to get your work done. Procrastination is deadly and will have an everlasting effect on you. No matter how easy it is to say that you will “do it later”, the feeling after completing something is one hundred times better than not completing it. Lastly, categorize your school work/activities and social life into two separate categories. If you get these two mixed up you will find yourself in deep trouble. El Diamante invited the soon-to-be freshmen to take a look at their future high school. ASB set up balloons as well as providing water and snacks to the 8th graders to show that the school is welcoming the future kids of El Diamante.

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