Staff Writer
It is good to be thankful for what you have in life and what you have accomplished on your birthday. On people’s special days, they get excited because all of the attention is on them. But, at the same time, some people do not like the attention they get on their birthdays. most of the time, people like the positive attention. When you wake up, people like to make themselves a fancy breakfast, or even go out to buy breakfast. Then, you go to work/school and get lots of birthday wishes from people who truly care about you. They have the option to bring you a present, or possibly even bring you a poster to make your birthday even better. Then, you get a special lunch.  After you get home, you get to celebrate with your family by having a special dinner, or just hanging out around them. If you do not prefer a lot of attention on your birthday, then you could just act like it is a normal day. There is no other better way to celebrate your birthday than to do an act of goodness. It is simple enough for somebody to say they are thankful; it is much better to show it by doing a kind deed, preferably something you did not do yesterday, not because someone is forcing you.  But simply because your inner goodness, your soul, wants to express its thanks for being born and alive. All in all, your birthday is supposed to be all about you living another year on this earth, and for being born at all. So, enjoy your special day.