Free Kesha


Staff Writer

Popstar Kesha makes a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for harassment, abuse, and rape. He supposedly has had “ private meetings” with her and told her if she told anyone, he would ruin her career and reputation. He won’t even let her out of their contract, so she isn’t producing any music right now. Everyone all over social media keeps tweeting #FREEKESHA. I agree, if she says she was raped and there was at least some evidence, then the judge should have freed her. I don’t know why she has waited this long to come out with this secret; despite the humiliation and her career, she really should have explained earlier and then the judge may have ruled in her favor. Many very famous music artists are also tweeting #freekesha. One, in specific, has helped out as much as she can. Taylor Swift; she sent Kesha 250,000 dollars to help out with some of her expenses. That was extremely generous of her to help out in her time of need.


  • Avoid being alone with people you aren’t completely comfortable with.
  • Look for signs.
  • Tell someone when it happens.

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