Staff Writer

“Its night of darkness, a song of death wolves vent their loneliness, the eternal one wakens… Darkness shrouds her pale form, a timeless desire. Her midnight hair cascades over her pale delicate shoulders.” -Unknown

She sprinted across the field into the dead of night, her black hair as dark as the midnight surrounding her. She stopped, and she turned. She was the epitome of light in the dark: her pale skin as white and clear as fresh snow. You would have never known the woods was her home, because she was clean and pristine.

Across the way, a dark creature lurked waiting for its next victim. The girl walked toward it, not realizing what she was walking into. She propped herself up against a tree twenty yards from the beast. The beast stood, still shrouded in the darkness. There was just enough light to make out what the beast was, a dragon. Covered in golden scales with a hint of black, the golden wings were stunning and majestic.

The sixty-foot beast stalked towards its next victim, eyes gleaming, ready for the kill. The little girl stands to her feet, finally seeing the majestic beast. Her eyes are filled with wonder and delight as she gracefully floats towards the creature. The child is now ten feet in front of it, yet the beast no longer wants to harm the girl. She reaches out to touch the wondrous scales on the monster and giggles in pure delight. The child was about to climb on the dragon’s back when the archer, Orion, slays the beast with a single arrow.

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