Why Do We Write?


Staff Writer

“To write means more than putting pretty words on a page; the act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world.” -Unknown

Every American school has an English class where students learn to write properly, but this begs the question of why? Why do we take time out of our classes, is it just to make us better writers? Or is it to show students how to properly understand the work that it takes to write a good book?

We write in our classes, in our daily lives in order to give us a way to express what we want to say and not be scared of repercussions. Writing is taught predominantly by english teachers, and some do a great job others not so much. The change is immense in the different students that move on from the two types of teachers, one is able to express fluently how they feel, the other not so much. They are incapable of writing in an elegant way opposed to the first student.

Writing is seen in many different ways based upon how you see the world. Some of the best writers write what they know best such as their own life or transferring their own experiences onto paper. Writing is a gift and so many people in today’s society do not understand that, and that behind everything that they read on social media, books, magazines; someone had to take the time to sit down and focus. Writing is taking our thoughts, ideas, monsters, or imagines and making it a reality. Writing is a gift and without it we have nothing.

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