Principal Hit by Bus


Staff Writer

According to Indianapolis police a school bus driver had stepped off the bus without setting the parking break on the bus which caused the death of an elementary school principal. The bus, however, did not only injure Susan Jordan, the principle of Amy Beverly elementary located in Lawrence, Indianapolis, but also two ten year old students. According to the bus driver, Christine Beeler, Susan had died from pushing the 10 year olds out of the way. No mechanical issues were found on the bus, but Beeler was still sent to a close by hospital to have her blood drawn out as it is part of the procedure during wrecks. The crash report indicates the bus driver was distracted, but gives no information as to what was distracting her. Also no information was given on Beeler’s future employment at Lawrence Township Metropolitan School District. According to the Metropolitan Police Department it is the choice of the Marion County prosecutor’s office. However, until then the students and crew members of Amy Beverly elementary see Susan Jordan as a hero.

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