Education System


Staff Writer

The American school system is not known for having the best education system in the world. In fact, the United States barely made it to the top twenty best school system. Compared to other countries, we simply lack structure and needed skills such as critical thinking. Our low rates of high school graduates and lack of early child development is what makes us rank so low.

What makes other countries rank so highly is their devotion to building a very structured education system for people to prosper on. However, the United States does not act in the same, instead they lower standards and raise teachers salaries  but still teachers still are not paid well.

The main reasons for our nation’s low ranks is because of the way we try to solve our students failing. The United States spends far more on education then Japan who is ranked number one, and it is very surprising because of our low rankings. The reason why all this money does not affect an increase of better test scores and education is because of the unequal spread of money to schools. It only makes rich schools more rich and poor schools stay poor. A lot of schools still can not afford many decent supplies in a poor neighborhood such as up to date textbooks, computers, and even basic extra supplies that some kids can not afford.

Teachers are also a huge problem with the school’s education system. A lot of teachers are given subjects to teach that they know nothing about or have even majored in. How can we expect our students to be fully ready in all of these district and state tests that they require with this problem? For example, in the sixth grade, my P.E. teacher taught our health class and knew absolutely nothing except for what the textbook could state (which was not even up to date because new ones could not be afforded), so if any of the students had a question that the textbook did not completely cover the teacher did not have any knowledge of it. Based off this, how can students be pushed to be ready for everyday life when schools do not have a basic and consistent structure? The American education is nothing but constant testing with a lot of teachers who are not given the basic tools to help future generations thrive.

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