Deadliest Spiders


Staff Writer

Some people have pet spiders and some people can not even stand the thought of being in the same room as one. However, everyone knows that spiders should not always be messed with. Here are the top most dangerous spiders recorded to have ever crawled on the planet.

Reaching number one on the charts is the Brazilian Wandering Spider which, just like its name, wanders around for its prey instead of being confined to a web. It releases a deadly neurotoxin that is over twenty times more deadly than a black widow’s venom. The bite sends a horrendous pain throughout the body and if the victim is a male it can cause a painful erection that can last several hours. There can be a loss of muscle control which can lead to complete respiratory paralysis.

The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is the second most deadly spider due to their violent behavior. Unlike other spiders who hide from human confrontation this spider will charge at you the moment it sees you. It has potent venom not just like any spider, the males have the most potent venom than any other classes of spiders. Their fangs are the most terrifying trait they are needle sharp but strong enough to bite through a leather shoe and even finger nails. Their venom can cause muscle spasms, confusion, vomiting, and swelling of the brain. Many people will die fifteen minutes after the bite occurs.

Lastly, the Chilean Recluse Spider is the third most dangerous spider in the world. This spider is known to release a tissue destroying venom that leaves a painful wound and killing the tissue around it. They have small fangs so they do not give off much venom, however research is showing that they are immune to many insecticides. This spider can be found in warmer climates.

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