Who is the Real Minority?


Staff Writer


Ever since the starting of mass immigration into the United States, people have been arguing about being a minority. Whether it be the immigrants coming into the country or the already settled people living here, bringing up the idea of being apart of a minority always seems to be a problem. Though to think of it who seems to be the minority, every race seems to jump in to say that they are the minority. Not everyone can be the minority, so who is it? In recent studies in the United States, it shows that the history of minority patterns is just that. Over time, the United States balanced out in diversity, and a minority class only exists because us, as the people, try to make it exist instead of trying to force this idea of a minority in our society. Why can’t we as a people let it go? If minorities no longer exist and we as a nation are perfectly balanced, should we not use this as a chance to excel as a nation and almost demolish racism completely? If there is no minority, why exactly does it feel like there is? Studies show that the reason we feel like a minority is because of where each race seems to split off to. Each race has a major population in each section of the United States, so if you are not of that race, the numbers seem to outweigh against you, making you feel as a minority. Regardless, we should all just see this nation in the grand scheme of things, instead of in small snippets.     

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