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When the topic euthanasia comes up, many people tend to have very different positions and views on the matter. Some people look at it like murder, assisted suicide, or that it is just morally wrong, but others are fully for it. People seem to be so focused on their own rights that they seem to forget about other’s rights as well.

It is our constitutional right for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of property” which some people are seeming to not understand. It is a constitutional right to which we are free to exercise at any point, and others can not take that away. A word for this is also known as Bodily Integrity to which the United States has not fully given the people of America. Bodily integrity is a right that gives people control of their own body whether it be religion, body modifications, abortions, and even euthanasia. It is the “my body, my rights” point of view, which I believe everyone should have. You would never tell a child that they can not be a leader or an individual so why would anyone rip people’s basic rights away from them?

Religion should no longer be any standing point against the argument because opinions are diverse among everyone. You can always do something because of what you believe in, but it is never ok to force someone to do something because of what you believe in. If someone is painfully suffering and would prefer to die then live with it forever then it is their choice, not yours. The argument of “playing God” is invalid, because according to that argument we are playing God everyday. Whether it is giving birth, how we raise our children, putting down pets, and so on. The point of the matter is, people should be allowed euthanasia because it is a personal choice for themselves and no one else.

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