Staff Writer

If you love superhero themed movies, crazy main characters, and dark humor, you will love Marvel’s new movie Deadpool. Deadpool is based off of a chain of Marvel’s comics. The movie circulates around Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds), a man with a crazy dark past and present. Wade is a former special forces operative who then turns into a mercenary doing his employer’s dirty work. Wade is diagnosed with stage four cancer. He is offered a chance to cure his cancer by a group of strange people who don’t say much about the treatment, but Wade accepts the offer anyway. Wade’s personality of having a dark and twisted sense of humor lands him in a lot of trouble in the treatment center which makes him subject to a rogue experiment that nearly kills him, leaving him with disfigured skin and accelerated healing powers. Filled with revenge, Wade sets out to find the person who did this to him. He creates the alter ego, Deadpool, in order to keep his identity safe from the people and the man he is after. Deadpool’s way of doing good is very different from those of your average Marvel superheroes. Deadpool is ruthless with the way he kills, decapitating people left and right with the two swords that he carries on his back. Despite all the foul language, nudity , gore, and dirty jokes, this is a story that is surprisingly tender. It turns out it was not just a marketing gimmick and Deadpool really is a love story. To be sure, one with more severed body parts than your average, but a love story nonetheless. Deadpool is a must watch for people who love a good action packed comedy.

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