$19 Billion to Better Protect Government Data


Staff Writer

Another day, another government agency data breach. In an effort to curb the seemingly endless barrage of cyber attacks, the White House is asking congress for $19 billion to strengthen security at U.S. agencies.

“The cyber threat continues to outpace our current efforts,” Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator, said in a call with reporters Monday night.

He outlined president Obama’s long-term plan to strengthen the government’s security systems and combat the rising threat of sophisticated network intrusions.

As a part of Obama’s 2017 federal budget proposal- which congress can approve, reject, or fashion into its own- the White House is seeking to pour money into a long term national cybersecurity strategy. The action plan, which would increase cybersecurity spending by 35% from last year, calls for an overhaul of the government’s outdated network.

A fund of $3.1 billion would be set aside for agencies to update and a new White House position would be created to oversee cybersecurity improvements across federal agencies.

The nation’s top information officer, Tony Scott, said that the budget includes a $62 million investment to meet the explosive demand for cybersecurity professionals.

The funds would bolster scholarship programs for tech-minded Americans who want to work at government agencies.

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