Zika Virus


Staff Writer

The Zika virus is spread by mosquito bites. The most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.This virus has symptoms that usually only last a week.   Brazil was first affected with the outbreak of the Zika Virus in May 2015. There is still no cure for Zika but treatment is available.  Unborn babies are most at risk for the virus. Many pregnant women that are affected with Zika virus have a high rate of birth defects known as microcephaly. Microcephaly gives the child a small head and brain.  This has been put under international public health emergency.  The CDC posted that pregnant women should delay travel in areas where the Zika virus is active.  The alert continues to grow as more countries are being listed.  Also pregnant women who come back from these countries should be tested to determine if they have any symptoms of the Zika virus.  With the olympic games coming up in Rio de Janeiro many people are worried that the virus will spread more into the Latin American countries. There is still no vaccine to prevent from being infected by Zika.  Zika began in Africa and, since then, the virus has been spreading rapidly.  Many Americans who has traveled to any of the countries affected with Zika are bringing back the disease.  You can help yourself by using bug repellent to try to keep them away and it will  be better for you than not doing anything.  The Zika virus was actually discovered 70 years ago but recently it is spreading really fast and a lot of people are catching it.

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