Two Remaining California Escapees Caught in San Francisco


Staff Writer

Recently two fugitives from a California jailbreak, Hossein Nayen and Jonathan Tieu, have been captured and taken under custody. Last Saturday morning a report of the two fugitives was placed stating that the two suspects had been seen in San Francisco driving a stolen van. The van was stolen from a local Whole Foods. Neither of the fugitives carried a weapon but the only object found in the stolen van was a round of .380-caliber. An investigation has been planned to determine if the men had any help within the eight days they escaped. Another man, Bac Tien Duong, was taken into custody after asking an employee at an autoparts store to call the police. This occurred in Santa Ana this past Friday morning. It is said that the first two men escaped from the Santa Ana jail around five am on January 22. Many tools and sophisticated tactics were used in the escape. Both men rappelled down four to five stories, close to 50 feet, by braiding bed sheets together. No one has escaped the Santa Ana jail since 1988. Tieu was awaiting trial on a murder charge and an attempted murder in a gang-related attack. Nayeri had been accused of kidnapping and brutally attacking a man and Duong was to be tried for the attempted of murder. All three men have pleaded not guilty.

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