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This past weekend, every Walking Dead fan was so excited to see the second half of season 6 of The Walking Dead. It premiered this past Sunday, and it was definitely a favorite. Everyone was  on the edge of their seat when the episode began. Here is a brief summary of what happened before the show’s hiatus. Everyone at the Alexandria Safe Zone had been pushed inside of their houses for safety, due to the walls being taken down by the herd of zombies right outside the walls. While mostly everyone was inside of the houses, the show turned their attention to Rick, Jessie, Father Gabriel, Michonne, Carl, Ron, and Sam walking through the herd, cloaked in bloody “walker” guts, trying to make their escape. That is where the episode 8 ended. However, beware of spoilers below! If you have yet to watch the episode, do not read ahead. Lets begin.

The episode started off by show Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham came in an altercation with a group called “The Saviors”. As one of them was about to kill both Sasha and Abraham, Daryl used a rocket launcher to kill the group of men on motorcycles.

Back at Alexandria, while Rick tries to lead Jessie, Michonne, Carl, Ron, and Sam out, a scared Sam stops moving with the group and begins to cry and ends up getting devoured by the walkers. As Jessie watches her son get eaten, the walker turn their attention to her, and devoured her next. An astonished Rick standing their watching her get eaten, Jessie’s grip is still on Carl’s arm, which ends up Rick having to cut her arm off. Ron watches his family get eaten, as Carl’s gun falls. Ron then tries to shoot Rick, but resulting in Michonne killing Ron and the bullet hitting Carl’s eye. Rick then runs and carries Carl to the infirmary, as Michonne follows.

The Wolf and the captured Denise, who runs the infirmary, are trying to escape the safe zone themselves. Denise then almost gets bitten by a walker, however, the wolf ends up saving her and he gets bitten instead. Carol sees them both and shoots the wolf as Denise heads for safety.

Glenn and Enid finally get to save Maggie as Enid climbs up the pillar to get her. However, Glenn distracts the walkers to get them away from the pillar. Walkers had gotten Glen surrounded (most likely every Glenn fan was on the edge of their seat); it was until Abraham and Sasha saved Glen that the fans could relax.

Rick finally gets to the infirmary, and goes back outside to take his anger out on the walkers. As the people of Alexandria see what Rick, Michonne and a group of others killing the walkers, the Alexandria residence finally work together to take on the herd of walkers. The episode ends with Rick talking to his injured son. Carl moves his hand to let his dad know he is still alive. This was one of the best episodes this season.  Who knows what will happen next.

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