Sofia Vergara Sues Venus Concept


Staff Writer

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara is suing a beauty company, Venus Concept, after they started to use her face to promote their product without her consent or paying her. She files a $15 million lawsuit against the beauty enhancement company in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, January 25. Court documents state that her name and face was wrongfully used to promote their products.

Sofia posted a picture on Instagram back in August of 2014 of her receiving a legacy massage, which is like a skin-tightening massage with a poster of Marilyn Monroe in the background. The caption under the photo reads, “What is so funny, Marilyn?” Her picture was later shown on an episode of Extra where a doctor for Venus Concept promoted “at length Venus Concept’s Venus Legacy non-surgical body contouring and skin-tightening treatment.” Sofia Vergara says she would never support this type of treatment because she tried it and did not find it to her liking and was “a waste of time with little in the way of any results.” Sofia would not use it again and does not promote this treatment in an international advertising campaign.

Venus Concepts has used Sofia Vergara’s name and face in past promotional products up until this month at trade shows and the internet without her consent or her approval. She claims that she has made “repeated demands,” and wants the company to withdraw all materials of her. Sofia currently has done contracts with Covergirl, Room to Go, and Head & Shoulders, and once was the face of Diet Pepsi, State Farm, and Comcast’s Xfinity brand.

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