Rio Carnival


Staff Writer
Rio Carnival takes place every year in Rio de Janeiro. This year, the carnival went from February 6 to February 10. It is a festival held before Lent and about two million people attended every day. The first Rio festival goes all the way back to 1723. The parade is filled with revelers and floats and adornments from any Samba schools around Rio, and more than 200 schools participated. Street festivals are very common during the carnival and are populated by locals. A lot of the events can only be accessed by buying a ticket. Some tickets range  from $55 to $3000 US dollars depending on the ticket type and sector and season. The cheapest tickets are on sectors 12 and 13.  There are  four different types of parades in Sambodromo. Samba school in the first league.  This parade is the one everyone wants to see because it is the best. The second parade is the champions parade. The top six of the samba schools show up again but with more fireworks and more shows. The third is the preliminary parades of the second league schools. There are 14 samba schools here following 12 schools that  came from the first league and whoever wins gets to join the first league next year.  The fourth parade is the children’s samba schools.  This one is free admission. These are branches that the children of each community have created.

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