Realistic Barbie Figure


Staff Writer

Young girls have been playing with Barbies since 1959, but critics reported saying that Barbies do not give the realistic figure of a woman’s body. In January of 2016, Mattel distributed three different types of realistic Barbie bodies.

Buzzfeed had children review the new types of Barbies and their opinions. In Buzzfeed’s off branch channel called “Buzzfeedyellow,”  kids examined the petitie, tall, and curvy models with various ethnicities and hair styles. Many of the volunteer children were able to relate to the different types of bodies, instead of the white, blonde-haired, and unrealistic Barbie. “Oh, so they’re not as tall,” a girl said, “ Yay! Because I’m, like, really short.” Another girl said, “Oh, she’s like me – very tall,” while she examined the doll.

Some of the children reviewers had different reactions to the new changes of Barbie dolls. One girl said they appeared, “ really strange, but normal, sort of.” A little boy described the curvy Barbie as “more fat,” even though the Barbie doll is pretty thin. Another girl liked the African Barbie doll because she was able to relate to her skin and hair. The original body of Barbie can even influence little children as the ideal figure of a woman. WIth the new Barbies, kids will understand that people come in different colors and shapes, but they will be also be able to accept themselves for who they are, instead of thinking they need to have a perfect body.

One little boy summarized it the best: “People now can see the resemblance of them in these types of Barbie dolls.”

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