Staff Writer

As Luke and I ran across the roof,  the Phoenix, trailing being us spewing fire every few seconds, we leaped off and shifted. No, not into a Lycan or Werewolf, but into an angel, yes the ones with white wings not the dark angels. My wings are pure white, full of feathers, the shape is beautiful, yet sinister. Luke, well Luke is a different breed. We are not even sure what he is, just that he is technically an angel. Luke’s wings are simple and elegant: the color is white, but the edges of his wings are black. As for why the Phoenix is trying to smite us, it is that we do not usually take anything from her, but this time we actually took something so let’s see how that blows over.

The Phoenix is just how she is described in the myths:with different hues of reds, yellows, and oranges; the eyes blue like sapphires. So beautiful yet dangerous. In human form when she is not a bird that bursts into flames, it is basically the same, beautiful yet so very dangerous. Her true name is Kendra.

The reason that Kendra is so irate with us is because like in the old myths, she has seven halos around her head gifted to her by the sun god, Helios. We may or may not have stolen three of them to save a dear friend of ours. There are myths surrounding Helios and his halos saying that anyone who is dead can live given three of his halos, so we took them. It was not to hard because the halos only appear over her when she shifts to the phoenix. Most of the time she keeps them in a cabinet in her room, so we grabbed them and ran.

As we were soaring through the air, we heard a screech of pain come from Kendra. Immediately we turn and see her falling through the air, a boomerang flying back to its owner. Now we have a new problem: Harkness is back.

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