Winter Formal


Staff writer

This year’s winter formal themed Bollywood had many decorations including indian tradition rugs to tie the theme into the dance. ASB did an awesome job to make the dance look amazing for all the people going. The dance had the option of professional pictures included with a backdrop. The DJ was positioned in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by drapes hanging above. They provided snacks and drinks for all the people in the dance. A booth provided you with the option to put girl’s shoes and boy’s coats. Winter formal was set up very nicely and fit the theme perfectly. Bollywood was a unique theme that was chosen by ASB. I enjoyed the dance and all the decorations along with being with friends and having a great time. Dance preparations take up most of the day for girl’s. Hair, makeup, etc takes about an hour to two hours to be completed. When you get to the location that you and your group chose to take pictures at which includes about an hour to complete. After the pictures are taken you go to a fancy dinner with your choice of transportation.

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