The Ellen Show


Staff Writer


The Ellen show is a very inspiring show to watch. She is an amazing person. She has all kinds of different people on her show. Some stars that have appeared are: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and more. She gives her fans the opportunity to meet her guests. She does funny stunts with the guests on her show. For example, Ellen was hiding in a closet and Taylor Swift was walking in the room when all of a sudden Ellen jumped out and scared Taylor Swift so badly that she fell on the ground. This shows that Ellen can be serious but also funny (which is most of the time). She had a heart to heart conversation with Miley Cyrus a little while ago. It made my friends and I more confident about ourselves. Guests like going on her show because they are comfortable around her. They feel like they are at a pajama party because they are so comfortable. Plus, she rarely annoys people. She never tries to purposely hurt people. But, when she finds out she did hurt someone, she will immediately apologize because she has a good conscience. Her book is also very inspiring in many people’s opinions. There is at least one section of the chapter in the book where you will crack up. She can take any bad situation and turn it into a funny comedy show because she is a wonderful person. She can take anybody’s frown and turn it upside down in a couple seconds. Another reason why Ellen is awesome is she interacts with her fans rather than just her celebrity guest. She calls people on stage and talks to them, plays games with them, and gives out rewards such as gift cards, concert tickets, a celebrity meet and greet, and much more. She loves her fans and wants to show how much she loves them. All in all, Ellen is very inspiring.

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