Two High School Students Commit Suicide


Staff Writer

On Sunday, the 31st of January, two high school students committed suicide hours apart from each other. The two female students were both 17 years old and were attending a Texas High School during their senior year. Officials are investigating whether the death of the two teenaged girls was because of a pact.

City spokesman, Celso Martinez, told this to “The Dallas Morning News”:” If that happened that there was some sort of pact, we need to know that because it may lead to further tragedies such as this one. We don’t know if it was, but we don’t want to discount the possibility offhand.” Martinez is right for making these decisions. Officials need to rule out all possible causes that lead up to the two teens death.

The first girl was named Ritu Sachdeva. Sachdeva was found dead in her house at midnight. It was then, hours later , Hillary Kate Kuizon was found in a “wooded area”.

Murphy police department said that “Both deaths occurred within hours of each other under circumstances that have led investigators to presume they were both self-inflicted. No motives have been identified and no evidence of foul play has so far been detected.” This statement was collected by FOX4. Medical examiners will determine the causes of the deaths. Murphy Police Chief Arthur Cotten has sent his condolences to both families and says he will treat the case with both the “care and compassion they deserve and will continue to seek answers for the families.”

In the end, hopefully the families will find out the motives behind both of the teenage girls deaths. No family or loved ones should go through the deaths of their own child. This could have been a pact like the spokesman said, but this also could have been an act of the teens being depressed or being unhappy. Not only teenagers, but anyone who suffers from depression and may have suicidal thoughts, please talk to someone. Please don’t take your life away because you are unhappy. If you talk to someone, that person will listen to you and will do their best in helping you.

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