R5 Concert


Staff Writer
Last week I went to an R5 concert and had a lot of fun. I went to the concert with my 3 sisters and my friend. I was also able to meet Ryland Lynch. Even though I didn’t have the best seats, I still had lots of fun. Ryland was so nice! When he first came out I was so excited. Then, he hugged us, and introduced himself (even though we already knew who he was). Then, we went to go eat pizza. As we were eating pizza, we had the option to go and take photos. I took my photo with him 3rd, and then we had to go. But, we were with him for at least 10 minutes. After, we had to go sit in our seats and prepare for the concert. The first band that came out was “Parade of Lights”. They were so awesome! The first song they sang was “Feeling Electric”.  After them, Dj Ryland came out and showed off his skills. He was singing to songs by Justin Bieber, Walk the Moon, etc. After he was done, R5 came out and finished off the concert. They were really great! My favorite song by them is called “Smile”. That was the very last song they played. They sounded even better live than in the actual music video! We were having so much fun! After the concert, we were walking back to the car when all of a sudden we saw a big group of people. We went to go see what was going on, and turns out the band was outside trying to get in the bus. We saw them get into the bus and leave. There were too many people around them so we did not even try to get near them. Plus, they were tired and we knew that, so we left them alone. All in all, the concert was so much fun! I am happy I went.

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