How Much Does Music Really Influence You?


Staff Writer
Music has always been a big aspect of a daily person’s life. It can be an inspiration to someone who has hit a wall, or as simple as listening to music to help relax after a stressful day; music is always around us. Some people also use music to help combat depression because music has a somewhat strong influence on our emotions, but can it control our actions as well? Jared Lougher killed six people in a shooting spree, including a six year old girl, and also injured US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona in 2011. After, Lougher was quickly apprehended and investigated, finding out  his favorite song happened to be Bodies by Drowning Pool.  Mostly media tries to make this correlation, many say that this song could have been some motivation to go on the mass shooting spree. Music can inspire many great things, but can it also inspire such violences and lash out against society or are we, as a society, even responsible for things as small as listening to music? Music also affects people in a good way as well. As mentioned before, music is a form of combating depression. Songs with a more upbeat and positive message tend to raise someone’s mood and morale, even in a depressed state. Some artists and musicians use music as a tool of inspiration as well because music helps free the mind. Music activates certain sections of the brain that help people be more creative and bring ideas abroad, which would make sense why authors also use music as a tool for inspiration. Even advertisements have a catchy toon to get their product stuck in your head and in a way persuade you too by it, because it is constantly in your head. The average person will hear at least one toon every day or one song. Can music really have that much influence in someone’s life?   

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