Bruno Mars Super Bowl Performance


Staff Writer


Bruno Mars was the first performer to perform at the 50th Super Bowl. In my opinion, his voice sounded very good. Also, his dancing was spontaneous. He sang one of his most popular songs called “Uptown Funk”. They were wearing gray leather suits with black and blue nikes. None of the background dancers were wearing sunglasses. Bruno Mars was the only one wearing sunglasses. They were also wearing gold chain necklaces. Next, he performed with Beyonce and Coldplay. He made his own dance routine to go with his performance. He threw in some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves. Everybody that was at the Super Bowl was super excited about the three performers. They were jumping around, clapping along with the song, and even singing along with him. Towards the end of their performances, they came together and were singing “Uptown Funk”. When all three of them came together, the crowd started to get even more excited. Even though all three of them came together, Bruno Mars still was the one everybody was paying attention to. But, Beyonce was a close second. If I had to choose who was wearing the best outfit, I would choose Bruno Mars. But again, Beyonce was a close second. All in all, all 3 of them had really great performances, but I think Bruno Mars had the best one. Beyonce was dancing, and almost fell. Bruno Mars did not have any mess ups during his performance.


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