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This past Sunday, during Super Bowl 50 halftime show, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and the most controversial performer of the night, Beyoncé. Beyoncé had released her song called “Formation” on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. A lot of people were ready to change the channel during the halftime show one person tweeted, having already listened to the song. However, what makes this this song and the Queen Bee’s performance during the halftime show so controversial? Many people have said their the opinions on this, but each and everyone one of their perspective is completely different from each other.

Beyoncé’s song has certain verses that tells of her heritage. Some of these verses are like “My daddy Alabama/Momma Louisiana/Make a Texas bamma.” She also include racial slurs, using the “n” word and “Creole”, meaning someone having both European and African descent. She also mentions she likes her baby’s hair “with baby hair and afros”, and how she wants her baby’s nose with “Jackson Five nostrils.”

In her music video, the setting of it is taking place in New Orleans. She also referenced the catastrophic results of Hurricane Katrina. There is a scene that appears in the video that shows an African-American boy with a hoodie. He stands “before a line of police officers while the words ‘Stop shooting us’ appear  on the wall.” Many people believed the images in the video were an insult to the police. People were also thinking Beyonce was “aligning herself with the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

Many tweets were sent out giving out their opinion on Beyonce. People who opposed of her song and performance of “Formation”, presented tweets like: “It’s time to #BoycottBeyonce because #BlackLivesMatter is fraud”; “I will officially turn the channel when Beyonce comes comes on. Her new video supports a lie. #BoycottBeyonce”; and “If you love the men and women who serve in our military and police our streets #BoycottBeyonce because their lives matter #SuperBowl.” Many of Beyonce’s followers, known as the Beehive, had also given their opinion and tweeted:”Morning just want 2 suggest the best way 2 respond 2 the racist call 2 #BoycottBey is to download, buy, play, tweet, sing #Formation”; “Beyonce tried to break racial barriers and speak out about crime on her culture. And instead you come up with #BoycottBeyonce “; and “When she sang about Single Ladies, you were all hailing her as a queen, but now that she’s singing about being black it’s #BoycottBeyonce?”.

In the end, Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl is debatable. People can take it differently from each other. She can either be supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or she can just be embracing her heritage. Beyonce is just expressing and embracing her heritage, even though the lyrics can be a bit racy.

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