17 Year Old in Canada Charged With Murder After 4 Shot Dead


Staff Writer

In Toronto, Canada, Police charged a 17-year-old boy with four counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder in a mass shooting at a school and home.

Police mentioned that the male suspect cannot be revealed under Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act. Nine people were shot in the school, including a female teacher’s aide who died at the scene. Also, a male was shot and died in the hospital. Seven people were wounded in Friday’s shooting at the school and were hospitalized.

Two brothers, 17-year-old Dayne Fountaine and 13-year-old Drayden, were shot and killed in a home before the suspect headed to La Loche Community School. Police were called shortly after the lunch hour.

Residents lit candles and flowers in front on the school to honor those who lost their lives.

According to The Big Story, a second victim was then identified, 35-year-old Adam Wood, a new teacher at the school. His family in Ontario issued a statement describing him as an adventurer with a passion for life who made people laugh until their stomachs hurt.

A student heard gunshots returning from lunch. His friends were urging him to get out as they ran past him.

The RCMP said the first reports of the shots fired at the school was at around 1 pm. Parents and residents were warned to stay away from the area. Students nearby hid behind the gym to stay safe.

A nearby elementary school was placed on lockdown for precaution.

The shooting on Friday was the worst tragedy to ever hit the community of 3,000.

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