Boys Basketball 1/20 & 1/22


Staff Writer

On January 20, the boys basketball team entered the house of the Huskies to demolish them. Freshmen team won and junior varsity, after a tough fight, won with a score of 48 to 41. All three teams of Hanford West proved that they were not going to let El D win so easily. When it came to the varsity showdown, Hanford West was winning by 5 at halftime. Luckily, the boys got it together during the third and fourth quarters and won against the Huskies by 9, leaving Hanford West with a win of 57 to 48.

On January 21, the boys headed to Golden West to show them what the Miners are made of. Boys junior varsity had a close game, for both teams were there to give it their all. They were able to push through with a win of 50 to 49. Varsity also won with a score of 57 to 48, leaving the Trailblazers’ court victorious.

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