El Diamante Boys Basketball 1/12 & 1/14


Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 12, the El Diamante Miners held a home game against the Redwood Rangers. The Miners, with a home court advantage, made the best of it and won 48-37. At the beginning of Tuesday, the Miners had a record of 10-8 and ended Tuesday with a new record of 11-8.  In the first quarter, the Rangers were down by half of what the Miners had had scored: 14-7, Miners. In the second quarter, things started to tense up as the Rangers began to try catching up, leaving halftime with a score of 28-17, Miners. Even though the Rangers were trying their best to come back, it was not sufficient enough to keep up with the Miners, leaving the third quarter and entering the final and fourth quarter at 35-29, Miners. As the end of the game approached, it seemed as though the Miners were still going to stay on top and pull through with a win. The final score of the game was 48-37, Miners. Two days after the Miner’s great defeat over Redwood, the varsity boys headed over to Lemoore to play the (17-2) Tigers. The final score ended considerably different with a score of 76-54, Lemoore. The next game that the Miners play is against Washington Union in Fresno on Saturday, January 16. Be sure to keep up with the Miners and check their schedule regularly to catch their games!

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