Tonsil Removal and the Dangers of It


Staff Writer

Recently, on Sunday January 17, AJ Schlatter past away from an “apparent blood clot” that formed after surgery, according to his father, James A Schlatter. AJ Schlatter was a linebacker for Portland State, and had gotten his tonsil removed on Friday, January 15. Schlatter and his family are getting a lot of support from everyone, a facebook post stated from his dad,” He loved being a member of the PSU Vikings Football team and the players were like brothers to him. I am truly thankful for Coach Barnum and the entire coaching staff and support staff for how they embraced him and provided the opportunity for him to develop and shine.” Schlatter coach had this to say about about him,”We lost a diamond that will never be replaced. He was the definition of what we are about at PSU.”

Removing your tonsils can be good very for health. However, there could be some side effects and it can even be life threatening, like what happened to AJ Schlatter. Some side effects after surgery include ear or sinus infections, dehydration, pain, permanent changes in nasal or voice, or even hindered healing that could lead to being admitted into the hospital in need of fluids.

The question is, Why do people get their tonsils removed? People remove their tonsils because of the constant bacterial infections like strep throat and tonsillitis. Side effects of strep throat are: pain in the ear and while swallowing. Your entire body can have “chills, fatigue syndrome, fever, loss of appetite, or malaise.” You can be nauseated or feeling the need to vomit. Other side effects include “bad breath, enlarged neck lymph nodes, headache, hoarseness, nasal congestion, pus, respiratory infection, swollen tonsils, or tender lymph nodes.” As for tonsillitis, most of the same side effects, but it also adds congestion, runny nose,bad breath, coughing, enlarged neck lymph nodes, excess salivation, headache, mouth breathing, poor appetite, pus, snoring, swollen tonsils, or tender lymph nodes.” If you truly do not want to have surgery, ways to cure these infections are by taking antibiotics or using home remedies that will help make your throat better.

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