This World is Dying


Staff Writer

The World is Dying“Imagine a fish without water. Can it survive? Now imagine a world without trees. Can man survive?”

We are strangling the earth every second that goes by, while our earth is trying to help us achieve our goals. Almost every day, at least in California, there are fires and severe droughts. The fires are mainly due to people starting them, either intentionally or unintentionally, and it needs to stop. We, as humans, expect the world to bend to our every desire, and that can not happen if it is dead.

Try to imagine our world without trees or water, it will become a wasteland. Is that the point that everyone will suddenly care? Is that the point we will get up out of our chairs and do something? Or will the earth have to start running out of food and oxygen for us to care.

There are so many Environmental Issues that we have caused as a society. Deforestation is a large one that is happening every second of our lives. We keep trying to advance and move forward but we are killing the things that makes our lives possible. Another would be Genetic Engineering, we are creating foods that have toxins in them and when animals consume them they are dying. Even if it does not affect humans in general it does affect the things we eat. These are the two of the three most important things that we can change, the third is pollution. For once in your life walk somewhere or ride a bike. Care about the world and change something.

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