Miley & Liam Back Together?


Staff Writer

engagement-ring-cartoon-4Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, again? The two were seen in Australia over break. Miley was hanging out with him and his family, and even extended the trip by canceling a show. Miley proceeded to post a selfie on instagram of her and her ring, most say it is her engagement ring, but some don’t believe so. I think it’s her engagement ring because she was seen in front of Liam’s house with a U-Haul truck, apparently “moving in” with him. I feel this is a good move for their relationship; they both were so in love, but had so much going on. Maybe this will change Miley’s radical behavior. He seems to keep her calm and sane. I’m surprised that he wasn’t sworn off by all the stuff she has done since they broke up. Hopefully this will create a better Miley and possibly more music for her. The two of them fell in love in 2009, on the set of “The Last Song.” Miley is where she has wanted to be for the past two years now. She just needed a little rebellion to find who she is and what she really wanted, and it was him.

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