First Flower in Space


Staff Writer

Astronauts on the international space station have tried to make flowers blossom for about two years but after a few failed attempts they finally made it. On January 16, 2016  the zinnia flowers were made.  One astronaut, Scott kelly, uploaded a photo to twitter of the flower.  He had brought them back to life after some mold started to grow on the flowers because of the high humidity.  It is not the first time a plant has blossomed in space but the first for the zinnia flower.  About four years ago an astronaut named Don Pettit grew many different types of plants on the space station and they labeled it personal biology experiment. Pettit used plastic bags as pots. He grew zucchini, broccoli sprouts and a sunflower.  

Kelly’s flower was not  the very first one but it will lead to other  plant types that will be able to grow and blossom in the space station. The Veggie chamber was first built to test food in space and to grow lettuce but now they are planning to use it for a  variety of plants. The Veggie chamber will allow future missions to have fresh vegetables to eat so they will get enough nutrients.

The zinnias are edible but they were not eaten, they were there to test out if they could plant tomatoes by 2017.The flowers and the lettuce grown were a big leap into finding out how to plant more types of plants for future missions and for other people to know how to successfully plant something in space.

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