Dan and Phil Gaming Video


Staff Writer

Popular British YouTubers, Dan and Phil, started a gaming channel about a year ago. Dan Howell has been making videos since 2009,  and Phil Lester started in 2006. They had formed a friendship and eventually began making videos together. They also ended up moving in together. Ever since they moved in together they have come a long way. They now go on a radio show, have a book, made an app and they created a gaming channel they share. Since then they have played many different games. Games vary from things such as a Christmas Shopping Simulator to videos like Outlast and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Some of the most popular gaming videos are the series of The Sims 4. Recently they have uploaded their longest video yet. Before Sunday, the longest video they had up was 25 minutes. This is why it came as such a surprise when they uploaded an hour long video. In this game, it was revealed that the two are starting another game series. However, the game of choice is very different compared to The Sims. Dan says he planned on playing this game on his own time, but, seeing as it was suggested so many times, they decided to film it for the channel. This game is none other than the extremely popular Undertale.

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