Are Police Being Criticized Too Harshly?


Staff Writer
Ever since the undoubtedly unfair Ferguson trials, police have been under harsh criticism from the public. Is it a cause of monkey see monkey do where everyone is bandwagoning on despising and hating law enforcement while being ill informed on the whole topic in general? Or is it the news fault for demonizing the one who risk their lives to keep our own daily lives safe on a  day to day basis? The public should not look down upon law enforcement because of a few bad cookies in the system. Only 23.8 percent of the law enforcement in the nation is corrupted. The rest of the time media tries to make police look bad. In most cases of police brutality have to be engaged with the perpetrator breaking the law. So many cops are just doing their jobs in an overly sensitive environment, granted, some cases of police brutality are fairly bad and should not be ignored, but the majority of the time the public should think with this frame of mind: If I don’t wanna be treated roughly for breaking the law, then don’t break the law. Law enforcement numbers have dropped drastically in the last few months due to the fact that the police themselves fear for their lives and do not want to run the risk of being put under ridicule for doing their job. Does that not seem backwards? Are we as the public so blind to reality and too sensitive to every little thing that we are scaring the one group of people who are supposed to protect us of the streets and future generations from wanting to join law enforcement? Law enforcement used to stand as a good thing that people used to, and still do, call when in need of assistance, but the media and a few incidents that got milked for all it’s worth demonized and blurred the heroic image that your local police used to stand for. It is time for us to wake up from this nightmare and extend an olive branch to those who we mistreated because a small few corrupting their image.

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