Growing Up


Staff Writer

When I was freshman, starting high school was the scariest thing I had to do. Now that I am a senior,  I understand why. Starting high school was leading me to the path of growing up. Throughout these four years, I was given responsibilities, little by little, just like everyone else. Whether it was taking classes to learn how to drive, keeping my grades up, or being in charge of making up work in a class when I was absent. Now here I am filling out applications to universities, registering to receive scholarships, deciding where I want to live, and what I want to do for the rest of my life. Do I want to get married after high school? Do I want to travel? Do I want to still live with my parents? Do I want to work right after high school or pursue a career? What do I want to do with my life? Do I want to make good choices? Do I want to make horrible choices and have it affect me the rest of my life?  Everyone that has already graduated has been through this and now it is my turn. What path will I take?

Gas Prices


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In Hougan Lake, Michigan two gas stations prices have significantly dropped to below a half-dollar per gallon. While a nearby Citgo was filling cars for 95 cents per gallon. They have continued to have long lines due to the decrease in gas prices. The United States revoked sanctions that had cut Iran’s oil exports by about 2 million barrels per day since their pre-sanctions 2011 peak to a little more than 1 million. Iran, a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, issued an order on Monday to increase production by 500,000. Worries about Iran’s return to an already oversupplied oil market drove down Brunt crude to $27.67 a barrel on Monday, its lowest since 2003. U.S. crude was down 27 cents at $29.15 a barrel, not far from the 2003 low of $28.38, hit earlier in the session. Analysts expect Iran will realistically be able to export an extra 500,000 in the short term from storage, but there are doubts whether the state of Iranian oil infrastructure will allow further boosts anytime soon.



Blood vs. Step


Staff Writer

The saying  “blood is always thicker than water”  means that your family will always mean more than the people you meet. That may not be the case anymore for recent studies prove that stepfamilies are closer and have a better bond than families that have been born and raised together without divorce. This fact may sound shocking and  more unbelievable than true but the studies made it to one simple conclusion, the stepfamilies tend to become closer and build a stronger bond because there is no competition for affection from their parents. The parents tend to unknowingly give their biological children more affection than their stepchildren so it kills the competition between siblings. Though that study only applies to siblings in a stepfamily, another study that was taken on the whole family unit, the result were the same as the first study; blood is not as close as step because stepfamilies need to actually have to get to know one another whereas biological families believe they know everything about their family and do not need to spend time trying to know one another. This communication that stepfamilies have do not only strengthen the bond as a family but in a sense bring them closer as friends,  trying to help one another with mutual pains whether that be coping with divorced parents or understanding why everyone in their new  family are the way they are. It is the biological families that feel that they do not need to spend the time getting to know their children, parents, or siblings which is what drives the division between themselves and keeps them from breaking down the barrier that each to some extent have to the rest of their family.               

Wrestling 1/13 & 1/15-16


Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the El Diamante Wrestling team started their first match of the year 2016 against Hanford. Each player took up a different opponent striving for the win; however, through all the sweat and loss of strength, they unfortunately had a total loss of 40 – 9 for varsity. They played another match on Friday, January 15, 2016, and El Diamante Wrestling had the chance to create a reputation ;however, the players ended up in a loss against Kern County in Bakersfield with a score of 36-42 for JV and 12-52 for varsity. Despite the loss that they had on Wednesday, the thirteenth, the players tried their hardest to beat their opponents at Kern County, and the loss on, Friday, the fifteenth, was unfortunate. However, inspiration from a crowd can be encouraged to help push the Miners to a better success considering how difficult their opponents are.