El Chapo


Staff Writer

El ChapoIt started in July, 2015 when the notorious El Chapo escaped from a maximum security prison with the help of two pilots, his brother in law, as well as his attorney. They were able to shorten El Chapo’s sentence by studying tunnels in Germany then recreating them from another part of Mexico to the prison he was held in. The tunnel, that was insulated, had a motorcycle in it to make the trip easier. It led from the prison to an abandoned house in Mexico. El Chapo was able to avoid the police for six months until Mexico’s navy was able to capture him. It happened on January 8 in the city of Los  Mochis, which is located in the state of Sinaloa. According to Mexico’s navy, five of El Chapo’s men were killed as they tried to fight off the military and six others were injured. As for the Navy, only one of their men was injured during the raid. Now that he has been recaptured, he is being held in a maximum security prison in Mexico, while people such as John McCain are hoping he becomes extradited to the U.S. This means Mexico would allow El Chapo to be charged in U.S courts and hold him behind bars on United States soil. So far Mexican officials are refusing to hand him over because they want to interrogate and charge him, since they are the ones that caught him. If El Chapo were to step on United States soil he would most likely be found guilty of all charges against him and face life in prison. If he were to be locked up in the U.S, he would probably never be able to return to Mexico since he has escaped twice from the Mexican prison. Some are accusing Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo for his capture because Sean Penn has admitted to meeting the infamous drug lord in a forest. Kate del Castillo is believed to have set  up the meeting for Sean Penn. Now both actors are facing accusations of having a hand in the capture of El Chapo. Sean Penn has admitted to meeting El Chapo but Kate del Castillo has not spoken a word about anything. We are still waiting for word about the placement of El Chapo, but chances are Mexico will not give him up easily or anytime soon.

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