Social Media


Staff Writer

Social media is a large thing in modern day society, regardless of what our personal opinion on it is. Each social media account  has the same concept and is made for the same reason: an easy way to communicate with and share photos with family and friends. For example, on Instagram if you really wanted to be safe, you could easily go and make your profile private, so your followers are the only people who can see it. On facebook, you cannot do that. The safest social media app is snapchat. You can take a picture and after a few seconds it disappears forever, unless you screenshot it. Kik is another example of why social media is dangerous. You cannot control what people send you. The only thing you’re able to do is block them. But, they can still see your profile picture, and they could possibly screenshot your profile picture without you knowing they did. Do not overshare information about yourself, such as your location and the time you’re at that location. There are many strangers out there. Also, you have to be aware of the background of your photo. For example, if you are taking a picture in front of your house, make sure you do not get your address in it.  Most of the time, if you do not have social media, you will be known as an outcast. The people you thought were your friends will suddenly leave because they will not think you are good enough to hang out with them. Worry about your own safety rather than your friends. You would rather be safe than sorry.  You may not feel accepted if you do not have it. Be aware of cyberbullying! Think, “will this hurt somebody?” before you post anything. Although social media is dangerous, there are some good things about it. You can communicate with your friends, and have fun just posting pictures with your friends for everybody to see. All in all, social media has a little safety, but more dangers.

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